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100 days of anti epidemic in South Korea: early detection, early isolation and early treatment contr


China Youth Daily, Beijing, April 28 (China Youth Daily, China Youth net reporter Zhang Lei) is 100 days away from the first confirmed case of new coronavirus pneumonia (covid-19) reported in South Korea on January 20. Yin Taihao, head of the general anti epidemic Department of South Korea's central emergency response department, told the media Tuesday that thanks to the fastest detection in the world and early detection of confirmed cases for isolation treatment, South Korea has prevented the epidemic from spreading in the community to the maximum extent. But he also reminded the South Korean people that although the current situation of the epidemic is stable, it is still in the "on-going" stage and should not be taken lightly.

As of 00:00 on the 28th, there were 14 newly confirmed cases on the same day in South Korea, 12 of which were imported cases from abroad; 10752 cases were confirmed in total and 244 cases died in total. From April 9, the number of newly confirmed cases in South Korea decreased. From April 13 to April 17, 20-30 cases were newly added every day for 5 consecutive days, and it has remained at about 10 cases since April 19.

South Korea has achieved remarkable results in epidemic prevention and control, which can be regarded as one of the models of the international community. The first confirmed case occurred on January 20, and the situation appeared to be under control for the next month. However, in February 18th, thirty-first cases of South Korea appeared in Daegu, which led to the collective infection of the "Xintiandi" church. There was also a collective infection in Gyeongbuk's Dalong hospital. The number of confirmed cases in Korea rose sharply, and the number of newly diagnosed cases was up to 813 per day, and the total number of confirmed cases increased sharply. At that time, South Korea was regarded as "the country with the most serious epidemic except China".

After the outbreak, South Korea quickly carried out a large-scale screening test. So far, there are 117 new coronavirus detection institutions in South Korea, which can detect more than 23000 cases a day; there are 639 screening clinics. South Korea has also introduced walking screening clinics, drive in screening clinics and other convenient testing methods, providing reference for other countries. As of 0:00 on the 28th, more than 600000 people had been tested for the virus in South Korea.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported to be 3720 people in the past 100 days, 3020 of whom were in Daegu and Gyeongbuk. In addition to 74 designated hospitals for infectious diseases designated by the government, South Korea has also set up 18 life treatment centers for the treatment of light patients.

The mortality rate of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Korea is also low. Novel coronavirus pneumonia mortality rate is about 6.89%, as compared with the World Health Organization statistics up to April 27th. The mortality rate of some European countries with epidemic focus is high, with France's mortality rate reaching 18%, and Belgium, Britain, Italy, Holland and Spain all above 10%. However, the fatality rate in South Korea was only 2.26%. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a 25 month old minister of the Central Committee of the Ministry of epidemic prevention, said that the mortality rate of the new crown pneumonia patients was relatively low, and that the early detection, early declaration and early treatment were largely due to the great effect of medical personnel. At the same time, South Korea's health insurance has strong security, the proportion of sickbeds in the population is high, and the threshold of medical institutions is very low. These factors also play an important role.

After the epidemic was controlled, the new coronavirus detection kits made in South Korea not only meet the domestic demand, but also significantly increased exports in recent years. From April 1 to 20 alone, exports of new coronavirus detection kits reached $131.95 million, a 17 fold increase on a month on month basis, according to the South Korean customs office. From the beginning of this year to April 20, South Korea exported test kits to 106 countries, of which Brazil was the largest exporter, accounting for 12.3% of the total, 19.239 million US dollars, followed by 9.9% in the United States, 9.5% in Italy, 6.1% in Poland, 5.5% in India and 4.9% in Russia.

The Korean government has decided that the epidemic prevention policy will be changed from the "strict social distance" period (from March 22 to April 19, and later to May 5) to the "epidemic prevention period in daily life" after May 5. Yin Taihao pointed out on April 28 that the Korean epidemic is still in progress, and the public must continue to keep a high degree of vigilance before the development of treatment drugs and vaccines, abide by the hygiene rules such as frequent hand washing, and strictly implement measures to maintain social distance before May 5. He said that once there is a collective infection, there is the possibility of rapid spread of the epidemic, so it is particularly important to try to control the collective infection.

South Korea's central anti epidemic strategy minister Zheng Yinjing also warned people not to relax during the upcoming "5.1" holiday. He said that in the process of transition to the "epidemic prevention in daily life" mode, the public still need to strictly abide by the hygiene and epidemic prevention rules such as taking a rest at home in case of suspected symptoms. The South Korean government will continue to ensure that beds, medical personnel and supplies are available to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

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