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A surge in deaths in 10 days who warns that Africa's epidemic is "just beginning"


The World Health Organization has warned that there could be 10 million cases on the continent in three to six months - but that number could be lower if the epidemic is brought under control quickly, the Daily Mail reported on April 26.

"Africa is just beginning," said Mike Ryan, executive director of who's emergency planning department

Africa is hoping to fight the new crown epidemic through active screening and testing, the report said.

Experts have been worried about the sudden increase in cases (more than 30000 cases) and the sharp increase in deaths (1374 people) after a slow start to growth.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been reported in 54 African countries, according to the African Center for Disease Control and prevention. 30 thousand cases of new crown pneumonia were reported.

According to the report released on April 26 local time, 1374 people have died of the disease in Africa (up to 1423 cases as of April 28). Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not reported in two African countries, but the small Southern African mountain country Lesotho and India Island Island Comoros.

South Africa has the largest number of cases on the continent, with a total of 4361 cases (a total of 4793 on April 27). They do up to 10000 tests a day.

South Africa is closely followed by three countries in North Africa: Egypt, 4534, Morocco, 4065 and Algeria, 3256, the report said.

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