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Will the second wave of global differentiation come?


The development of the new crown epidemic situation shows signs of differentiation in the world, which can be roughly divided into three categories of countries: the epidemic has been alleviated, and the epidemic has been "unsealed" naturally; the epidemic has passed the most difficult period, hoping to gradually "unsealed"; the epidemic is in the gluing or development stage, and it is difficult to balance the epidemic prevention and economic protection.

According to the latest data released by the World Health Organization on the 27th, the number of newly confirmed cases reached 2878196, close to 3 million.

Among them, the epidemic situation in Europe is slowing down, and the number of single day deaths in Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom has dropped significantly, reaching a new low recently. However, in the Americas and Africa, the epidemic is still in the sticky or continuous spread stage.

Analysts believe that there are signs of differentiation in the development of the new crown epidemic in different regions of the world. The relaxation of prevention and control measures and resumption of production must be determined in light of the actual situation of various countries.

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