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1. Mask (disposable medical mask, kn95 mask)

(1) Patients with infectious pneumonia, tuberculosis or other respiratory infectious diseases, as well as the family members who contact and care for the patients with infectious diseases, shall take the initiative to wear masks to prevent the bacteria from infecting others when coughing or talking loudly.

(2) During the epidemic period of respiratory infectious diseases such as influenza, when arriving at public places such as stations and shopping malls, masks shall be worn to avoid cross infection.


Disposable medical mask



2. Surgical protective articles such as isolation clothing, surgical cap, nursing pad, etc

(1) Operation clothes and isolation clothes: it can prevent the medical staff from being polluted by the splashing of blood, body fluid, secretion and discharge of the patient when they contact the patients with infectious diseases transmitted by contact. Protective isolation can also be applied to patients, such as large area burn patients, bone transplant patients and so on. It is an effective two-way isolation.

(2) Surgical cap: it must be worn during and after the operation to prevent hair, dandruff, etc. from falling to the operation site and polluting the wound.

(3) It is used as a pad for clinical examination in medical institutions.


Disposable protective clothing

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