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Dear colleagues and friends from all walks of life:

Guangdong Aijia Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in February 2020 to respond to the call of national anti epidemic, earnestly fulfill social responsibility, strive to solve the current supply problem of masks, and help win the prevention and control of epidemic. Thanks to everyone's love and support, Aijia medical has developed steadily and gradually expanded, and is on the track of high-speed development.

Taking the needs of the country and the people as our own responsibility, our company adheres to safe production, strictly controls the materials, manufactures products according to the high standard quality management system, and cooperates with the needs of epidemic prevention and anti epidemic, so that the people can use high-quality disposable medical masks, kn95 masks, protective clothing, etc. that meet the standards, contribute to the global anti epidemic and make unremitting efforts for people's health and happiness.

We have a down-to-earth mind. We are ambitious, based on the present, radiating across the country and looking at the world. Opportunity and challenge coexist, glory and dream coexist. We are full of confidence and strength in our future. We will live up to our expectations and carry forward our future. Facing the future, we have only one goal. Through our own strength and sense of social responsibility, we will use "integrity and quality" to build the excellent brand of China's medical device industry!

Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and high respect to the leaders and people from all walks of life who care about and support the establishment and development of the company. At the same time, I sincerely hope to work together with friends from all walks of life to create a harmonious and win-win future!

TEL:+86-769-22773885   FAX:+86-769-22771880
Business contact: Li Wenfang    Mobile:1+86-15362659182
Address: Room 102, No.1, Jiaobei Road, Wanjiang District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
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